New Hobby Tech Company, Guaranteed Breaks, Announces its Launch & Flagship Affiliation with Midwest Box Breaks


JACKSONVILLE, FL - February 3, 2021 – Today Guaranteed Breaks LLC proudly announce its official launch and flagship affiliation with Midwest Box Breaks, a deeply respected live breaker in the sports card hobby.   


Guaranteed Breaks is a new hobby technology delivering an instant liquidity option in live breaks. Beginning with a reputable and innovative breaker in Midwest Box Breaks, Guaranteed Breaks delivers its cash offers on every card pulled from affiliated breaks. This historic partnership aims at reducing the friction of the burdensome re-sale market for raw cards and offering Midwest’s customers an immediate liquidity option.


“We are proud to announce our selection of Midwest Box Breaks as our flagship affiliate. Midwest represents an exuberance for the hobby and a deep sense of respect both for the products they break and consumers who they overjoy with their entertaining service. Guaranteed Breaks has a mission to bring instant liquidity to consumers first through live breaks and later in other segments of the hobby. We are thrilled and honored that Midwest Box Breaks has chosen to host this innovative program to the exclusive benefit of its wide base of customers.” Guaranteed Breaks was founded by a team of technologists, card enthusiasts, and strategic investors including Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion.


“For almost 3 years, Midwest Box Breaks has strived to be a trusted resource for the card collecting community. Since day one, we’ve worked hard to create more value for our customers and friends by facilitating ways to also trade and sell. That effort takes a major step forward today thanks to this new partnership with Guaranteed Breaks. We are excited to announce that Guaranteed Breaks has named Midwest Box Breaks as a flagship breaker, helping to launch an innovative new program that will enhance the selling process for our break customers. Guaranteed Breaks brings to the table an experienced, creative team backed by respectable investors including 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion, Chris Moneymaker.”

More detailed information regarding this partnership will be released throughout the day via Twitter @GuaranteedBreak and on Instagram @GuaranteedBreaks.