Guaranteed Breaks

Welcome to Guaranteed Breaks - the groundbreaking marketplace for the trading card hobby.

We are a hobby technology company, focused on fixing the concept of market value in the trading card hobby.

We are comprised of passionate collectors, investors, data scientists, engineers as well as marketing and business people whose experience is vast as it is diverse.

Our primary mission is to build an algorithm capable of displaying the current market value of any trading card. Our business model begins with Guaranteed Breaks which is our first business segment in which we add liquidity to the hobby through making instant cash offers on every card pulled from live breaks.

We selected our first affiliate in Midwest Box Breaks which is where you will find opportunity to participate in this new and innovative business concept. In the future our companies will be responsible for bringing liquidity into local card shops (LCS) as well as direct to consumers through an easy to use mobile application.

For now, enjoy our breaks and the immediately liquidity option that comes from them. We are here to help you find the best value in trading cards, on either side, buy, sell or research.

Also please enjoy our new online store where you can immediately buy the beautiful hits that we acquire through Guaranteed Breaks!